Wine tasting in cookery courses session

Max and Me Tuscany Cooking Classes Wine Tasting at the Ulivo Rosso wine cellars !

All gourmet packages include wine tasting session

Our courses are accompanied by tasting sessions of some of the best wines and exquisite extra virgin olive oils of Tuscany and Liguria.

[ Wine tasting at ] the Ulivo Rosso is our main accommodation point.  It has an interesting history, dating back to 1300, and the elegant restaurant, which opened in 1967, was originally a meeting point for artists.  The hospitable atmosphere in the hotel takes us back to visits to "grandmother’s house".  The seven bedrooms have been decorated with the objective of creating a welcoming family atmosphere, at the same time as providing all modern comforts.  The furnishings, all original period furniture from the 1900s, have been carefully and  lovingly restored.  In the characteristic dining room of the restaurant you can savour delicious seasonal dishes, and it is certainly easy to relax and enjoy the good food in these warm and welcoming surroundings. [ wine tasting ] The rich wine cellar, which houses a treasure of exquisite wines, has been created in what were formerly the grinding rooms, and with its rounded ceilings and stone floors, it is an ideally intimate place in which to enjoy our tasting sessions.